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The mind of a technology-driven start up, the heart of social initiative.

Afrolegend is a smart hygiene solutions business at the forefront of the global sanitation sector.


The product was initially developed in 1999 as a chlorine-free alternative to treating water in South Africa. We assisted the racehorse fraternity in combating diseases facing them. Later we moved further into Africa, including DR Congo, Namibia, Botswana and Lesotho, helping to treat water in their mines as well as municipalities with wastewater issues.  We are currently exploring opportunities in the Middle East and Australia.



By ensuring our technologies are tested and certified to the highest of standards and providing a safe and cost-effective solution that drives mass adoption in the market and increases reachability, one country at a time. 


To be the leader in chlorine-free water treatment for the upliftment and development of the impoverished the world over. To lead the revolution in disinfection by employing alcohol-free technologies for sustainable treatment which is safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


Afrolegend is a tightly-knit group of industry enthusiasts, all bound by the same passion for raising hygiene levels for everyone. Having evolved from a dynamic start-up, we’ve chosen to embrace an attitude of inclusivity and collaboration. Every employee plays an important role and clients are welcomed into our ever-growing ‘family’ as valuable members. This ensures meaningful relationships are developed, employee productivity remains high and that our business model remains adaptable and dynamic.


Carmen Williams

Managing Director / Founder

Carmen founded the Afrolegend brand in 2011 with the primary objective of purifying water in Africa and beyond. She has a passion for transforming the seemingly impossible into simple solutions and prides herself on thorough and clear communication. She believes that people are a businesses’ most valuable asset, and accordingly, her leadership style combines deep personal humility with intense professional will. Carmen is a strategist at heart who leads by listening attentively to her team and creates a working environment where everyone feels valued. She is a leader who truly lives her values and her ambition is always for the cause, for the company and its purpose. She drives the common goal and motivates the entire team towards improving water quality and hygiene standards wherever necessary, driven by helping find solutions to many water and hygiene-related challenges.


Ernest Williams

Commercial Director

Behind the performance that defines both Afrolegend and Nero4U, stands an innovative problem solver and numbers enthusiast. Utilising his eye for detail, Ernest drives the company’s financial and performance management. In addition, he heads the strategic analysis department. Where others see an ocean of random digits, Ernest sees invisible patterns and logical order. He believes in the inherent good of people and that the best businesses create success for themselves and then share it with others. Ernest is driven by the need to propel the business to the forefront of the global water and sanitation industry. This, he accomplishes whilst being able to create a positive impact on peoples’ lives.


Demitri Georgoulakis

Operations Director

A 20-year veteran within the water sanitation industry, Demitri combines a passion for innovation and product development with a wealth of experience. He thrives in business settings where the success of the business is intertwined with some form of community upliftment or social cause. Demitri believes that the ideal business is one that takes an active interest in matters greater than itself. He has an unmatched work ethic and yet manages to always find time to champion the cause of others. The company draws strength from his decades of knowledge within the water and sanitation sectors to shed light on all the latest technologies. This is underpinned by his passion to take the company to the global forefront of smart water solutions and hygiene.

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