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Afrolegend is a smart hygiene solutions business at the forefront of the global sanitation sector, with Nero4U as its flagship product range. We use the latest technologies to eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi as well as develop strategies for sanitation and water treatment. Our primary focus is treating contaminated water, surface disinfection and atmospheric disinfection for businesses and social organisations alike.


Since our inception in 2011, our breakthrough product, Nero4U has been an advanced chlorine-free alternative for treating water. This has cemented our place at the forefront of smart water solutions.


Nero4U has played a key role in combatting a number of waterborne diseases for cholera stricken communities, agriculture and various mining sectors and in providing adequate sanitation to the industry.


Our projects span across the African continent including DR Congo, Namibia, Botswana and Lesotho. Spearheaded by Nero4U and with new partnerships in Saudi Arabia and Greece on the horizon, Afrolegend is set to continue creating sanitation innovations across the globe.


Our strategy is to take Nero4U to the markets and the industries where we can best serve our customers, in both the consumer and distribution value chains, by focussing on Agriculture, Hospitality, Domestic and Industrial sectors.

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